Kent Taught Civils Course on track for 2020

Written by Pettit Group

Further meetings have taken place between Pettit’s and East Kent College Group, to deliver a new civils/ground works course to be located in East Kent to commence in 2020. After a co-ordination meeting with the awarding body, things are progressing very well to achieve our target for a course start date in 2020.

With Highways England’s recent framework contract awards in the area and the Lower Thames Crossing planned Development progressing, this course will enhance the chances of young people in Kent to play a significant role in the creation of their own infrastructure into the future.

We are proud to be working with the East Kent College Group in the formation of this new course and will be looking at tier 1 and relevant subcontractors to give their support the course early in 2020, to upskill the Kent and surrounding area’s potential work force, young and old.