International Women’s Day

Written by Annie Lloyd

The day is upon us to celebrate all woman around the world whether they are in construction or not. Today is International Women’s Day with the tradition beginning in 1909, the start? Better pay and voting rights for women.

Originally International Women’s Day was on 28th February however in 1913 this was moved to 8th March and has been celebrated on this day since to promote the equal rights for women. As this issue hasn’t been resolved the day is still being held every year, last year in the UK women earned 14% less than men. While the main aim is to allow women to be treated as an equal, it is now used to inspire women and celebrate the achievements that they have made.

The theme for this year is #PressforProgress what better way would it be to back the campaign of Women in Construction, before a construction site was a man’s world and women would not be welcomed onto site. Now more and more women are not only working on construction sites they are having a massive part in running it.

So far this week we have seen;

  • Christine Hodge, HSE Advisor – Christine ensures that all staff on the site are trained, and all tasks are done in the safest way possible this means that Christine eliminates the risk of injury or death.
  • Danielle and Joanne, Site Secretary – Both of these women ensure that the site is ran smoothly, as we all know construction isn’t just using tools and they are both on hand to support senior management.
  • Annaliece Lloyd, Purchasing and Accounts Manager – because who wants to work without getting paid? Annie ensures that all workers are paid on a weekly basis, and all purchasing requirements are on site.

Here’s to strong women

May we know them

Maybe we be them

May we raise them

May we train them


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